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Vidispine has taken technology summits to the next level by launching a new event series for developers, solution architects and senior technologists in the media and video platform industry: vortech.by/ was created to move away from sales-focused conferences and to put technology deep-dives into the centre of attention. Vidispine wants to give stakeholders a chance to have a look under the hood of their solutions as well as provide a platform for what is yet to come. vortech.by/ does exactly that. Techy sessions held by solution architects, CTOs and industry icons are on the agenda offering interaction with partners, learning and networking opportunities.

After vortech.by/ was initiated by Vidispine hosting vortech.by/Vidispine in March 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden, applications are open for other partners to take over the baton, host the next event and make this soon-to-be series a success.


Learn more about our first virtual event vortechConnect.by/Vidispine hosted by Vidispine and Arvato Systems together with partners.  



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